Is it a short in the CPU?

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I am experiencing the following on a Lenovo LAR-1 18834-1M motherboard

 1. The current value is 0.58A just by connecting the power supply.

 2. no other devices such as batteries, fans, etc. are connected to the motherboard.

 3. The thermal camera shows that heat is generated from the CPU section and then locally from the PCH section (intel 300 mobile chipset). The temperature shows 50°C.

 4. Also, heat is generated around MOSFETs with supply voltages of 3.3V and 1.0V to the PCH section.

My guess is
 1. A short circuit is occurring between the CPU and PCH sections.
 2. The voltage of the PCH section is applied to the CPU section and the current flows into the CPU section where the resistance is low, causing an overcurrent.

Is this guess correct?

Under normal conditions, I do not think that voltage is applied to the CPU section before pressing the power button (except for the PCH section).
Therefore, if the CPU heats up just by connecting the power supply, is it correct to assume that voltage inflow is occurring to the CPU section from other power rails?

For example, if a short circuit occurs between the 3.3V power rails and VCCCORE, the shorted part will generate heat, right?

Please advise if there is anything else I should check.

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