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The problem is very common in these models of notebooks (Toshiba satellite A300 and L300) freezes or restarts on AC power plug in.
It works on battery power and charges when power is connected on shutdown.
When it’s powered on with the AC plug connected may freeze when on, or remains on for a little while before freezing or restarts.
This should be done with a IR Soldering station, but can be also done with a Hot air station or Hot air gun.
1. Remove all the removable components from the motherboard like Ram, Wireless card, CPU etc.
2. Cover the surrounding area near the capacitor with aluminum foil and apply some flux paste (soldering paste) all around the capacitor.
3. Using a Hot air gun you can start to heath the capacitor and use a tweezers to touch it from the side. When it is moving that means that the soldering alloy reached the melting point.
4. Remove the bad cap with a Suction pen, and apply the new capacitor in the same position as the old one all this under the Hot air gun flow.
Keep flowing for approximately 60 seconds after you placed the new capacitor to allow the solder alloy to re melt.
5.Let the motherboard for 30 minutes to cool down, after that make sure the capacitor it is perfectly welded on the board.
6. Reassemble the laptop for testing.

Another solution.

Use 4pcs 330uf 2.5v capacitor.

This picture will Help you to solder..


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